Century Fiber Optics is a leading designer and manufacturer of splice trays suitable for any application in our Holliston, MA facility.

Splice trays are designed to be compact while maintaining bend radii with a 1/4″ height, lightweight using 20 gauge aluminum with a clear anodize finish, and provide easy access with a snap cover in three sizes.

They are available in 7”, 8.75”, and 10” lengths with the 7” holding one 12 position splice chip and the 8.75” and 10” holding up to two 12 position splice chips. They come pre-installed with fusion, mechanical, or ribbon splice chips and wire ties.

NEW! NEW! In addition to our 1/4″ height 7”, 8.75” and 10” splice trays, Century Fiber Optics also has 1/2″ deep 7”, 8.75” and 10” splice trays.

These deeper splice trays are ideal for ribbon splicing but are available for fusion or mechanical splicing as well.

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Rack Mount Splice Enclosures (6)

Wall Mount Splice Enclosures (12)

OSP Splice Enclosures (3)

Custom Fiber Optic Splice Tray Manufacturing Services

Century Fiber Optics leverages over 70 years of sheet metal fabrication expertise with 30 years of fiber optic product design to produce custom splice tray designs to your exact specifications.

Contact one of our trained specialists to help develop a versatile and economical splice tray configuration.

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