Century Fiber Optics cares about supplying quality products to our customers.

Take a look at what they’re saying:

“I could not let an opportunity pass me by without having something nice to say again about the packing/shipping dept. at Century Fiber. As I have stated several times before that department is run and staffed by employees who are dedicated, loyal and who care about how their work/efforts are perceived on the receiving end (me, the customer).”

Joseph Sliman, Purchasing Agent

Phonoscope Enterprises


“For years, FiberNext has relied on the quality products from Century Manufacturing.

The dedicated and innovative staff at Century has been instrumental in helping us create scores of innovative solutions for our most demanding applications.

In addition to custom product development, Century has consistently supplied us with cost effective, dependable fiber optic interconnect hardware for a wide variety of industries.

We’re proud to offer the Century product line as our leading panel provider and appreciate the years of friendship and support from their organization as they evolved to become a pivotal supplier to our business.”

Craig Bowden, CFOS/I, TPM, Sales and Marketing Manager

FiberNext, LLC


“We have been purchasing rack mount and wall mount panels from Century Fiber Optics for two years.

We were previously using Corning products. Not only are the panels less expensive from Century Fiber Optics, the turn-around time has gone from 3 weeks to 1-2 days and we now have more flexibility on customizing the panels to our specific needs.

The sales and accounting team are also superb.

We are thrilled that we find Century Fiber Optics and will continue to do business with them for many years to come.”

Catherine Walker, Purchasing Agent

HP Communications, Inc.


“I just wanted to send a message to tell you how much we here at Phonoscope appreciate the tender love and care your shipping dept. takes with packing and shipping our pallets of enclosures. We have received several over the past few months and each time, including yesterday’s delivery have arrived in excellent shape…all because someone on your end took the time to “do it right”. It is seldom that we see this sort of shipping/packing prep today.

In fact, I refused a major shipment of concrete products yesterday because they were destroyed/damaged in the trailer that shipper was trying to deliver in…I was not happy. The reason they were damaged was because no one took the time to prep/pack them properly before shipment…not the case with Century shipping dept.

Please pass on my utmost thanks and regards to the entire shipping dept. for doing such an excellent job.

I encourage them to keep up the outstanding work…

Thanks to all…Century is an example of a company that “gets it right”…from order entry/manufacturing/shipping and invoicing.”

Joseph Sliman, Purchasing Agent

Phonoscope Enterprises